Generally speaking, it's a bad idea to have "motherfucker" tattooed on the side of your neck. Don't even think we have to get the churchgoers out there to back us up on this one. Tattoo? No problem. On your neck? Kinda sketchy. "Motherfucker"? All signs point to no. But that's just what Pimpadelic front messiah Easy Jesus did when the band signed with Tommy Boy Records a couple of years ago, the result of a promise he made to pretty much anyone who would listen. Said he would get the tat in question if and when the Metroplex rap-metal group signed a recording contract.

Even giving the idea more merit than it's worth, it looks like Easy Jesus may have jumped the gun a bit when he decided to get inked up after signing on the dotted line. Seems after a stint on the label that produced only a remastered and repackaged version of the band's Southern Devils in 2000, Pimpadelic is no longer a Tommy Boy Records recording artist. From the looks of it, it's a you're-fired-no-screw-you-I-quit situation, though it's unclear who decided to walk out first. (And no one in the Tommy Boy or Pimpadelic camp has been willing or able to clear it up at all.) Word is that Pimpadelic was upset with Tommy Boy for failing to get a new record on the shelves during their time on the label, and they weren't happy with how Tommy Boy handled the national reissue of Southern Devils, either. Tommy Boy, on the other hand, never seemed terribly happy that Pimpadelic's success in Dallas, as well as its somewhat inexplicable regional popularity, didn't translate into radio hits and easy cash. Probably their own fault; after all, Tommy Boy fronted the cash for a video for Southern Devils' first single that was suitable for only the Adam and Eve network -- not MTV, where the money is.

Pimpadelic is taking the setback in stride, continuing ahead with plans for a new record and, apparently, in talks with a few labels to release it. So maybe Easy Jesus doesn't need to look into tattoo-removal surgery just yet. Yeah, like he ever would anyway.


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