Pitbull is no Fidel Castro fan.

Born Armando Cristian Perez, the Cuban-American rapper known as Pitbull is one of the main voices responsible for bringing reggaeton to the mainstream. Through his various collaborations with the likes of Daddy Yankee and Elephant Man, he successfully introduced the style to non-Hispanic audiences, expanding its reach well beyond Spanish radio. Pitbull began making his name by rhyming on various mixtapes starting in 2002, and broke out in the U.S. with 2006's full-length El Mariel. More recently, he released the single "Ya Se Acabo (It's Over)," which celebrates the end of Fidel Castro's half-century rule, about a year ago. An extremely emotional tune, it ends with a message of hope for the countless activists who have fought for Cuba's freedom both in Havana and Miami.

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