Chances are if you have spent any time at all inside a food court, shopping mall or sporting event, or even driven by a Washington Avenue bar with your windows down, you know Pitbull's voice all too well. And let's not forget his ubiquitous Bud Light radio spots, either. The 31-year-old Miami-born Latin superstar is best known for his gravelly flow, heavy use of Auto-Tune, dubstep-influenced beats and, of course, his swarthy bilingual party anthems. For better or worse, all of this makes him a very prescient artist. Last year's Planet Pit was just his second predominantly English-language album, following 2010's Rebelution. This summer he sampled Mickey & Sylvia's "Love Is Strange" for his Men in Black III tie-in single "Back In Time," which has been a Top 40 mainstay since its March release. Sadly, the movie hasn't fared quite as well.


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