Planes Mistaken for Stars, with the Ronin King, Bullet Train to Vegas and Sharks and Sailors

From all accounts, Denver-based screamo/ hardcore foursome Planes Mistaken for Stars flat-out leveled stages on last year's politically charged Plea for Peace tour, stealing the thunder from headliners Cursive with jackknifing Mack-truck riffs and gone-haywire howls. And their dirtbag, anti-emo pretty-boy looks (they've been referred to as "an entire group of Andrew W.K.s") didn't stop Newsweek from running a half-page photo of the band last summer, along with a story about the youth vote, pushing the quartet to the front ranks of punk rock's (futile) anti-Bush movement. Planes' current campaign, however, is a bit more personal -- they're on the road supporting their new full-length album, Up in Them Guts, which is as viscerally intense as the title would suggest.


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