The style is the substance of GWAR's insipid performance art set to metal.

If it's true that performers who like to play evil characters are really some of the best-adjusted people, then the members of GWAR are probably church-going, Little League-coaching PTA members. The band's shtick has something to do with being aliens intent on destroying the Earth, but it's really an excuse for these art-school grads from Virginia to wear amazingly complex foam and papier-mâché costumes, giant boots and ridiculous headgear. We're talking Mad Max/Viking warrior shoulder pads, helmets, metal spikes and Japanime-inspired face paints. That they play music is really beside the point. This is performance art set to bad thrash metal. The live spectacle includes splashing audiences with body fluids, a giant fake maggot and simulated sex — strictly for those who like wrestling, sci-fi and Howard Stern. Not only has GWAR been on Jerry Springer, the band is integral to the plot of the Beavis and Butt-head video game. What's amazing is that it has managed to survive for seven records — the latest being We Kill Everything — when only the live show matters. Somewhere, Alice Cooper must be smiling.(David Simutis)

GWAR performs Thursday, July 29, at the Aerial Theater, 520 Texas, at 8 p.m. Tickets are $17.50. Call (713) 629-3700.

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