Playbill: Mitch Jacobs Tonight At Under The Volcano

Playbill: Mitch Jacobs Tonight At Under The Volcano

Mitch Jacobs rides that not-so-thin line between country and rockabilly that defines much of the redneck East Texas roots music scene -- you know, that place where Possum Jones and Johnny Horton come from.

Jacobs, formerly of the long-running local roots act Romeo Dogs, has been honing his craft in town so long we sometimes overlook him, but he's always been a solid addition to the local roots music scene. His first solo album, Jukebox Music, was released last year on Freddie Krc's Steady Boy Records.

This will mark Jacobs's first show at Under the Volcano, although Romeo bandmate Danny Gardner played the club recently with former Hollister Mike Barfield.

Jacobs plays tonight at 8 p.m. at Under the Volcano, 2349 Bissonnet, 713-526-5282.

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