Playbill: Muse

For those of you who would like to slag Muse as simply a dollar-bin Radio­head, ask yourselves: Has Thom Yorke ever been awarded an honorary doctorate, by anyone besides the magical woodland nymphs living in his electrical outlets? Well, Muse's Matthew Bellamy (vocals), Christopher Wolstenholme (bass), and Dominic Howard (percussion) were awarded degrees from Plymouth University two years ago for their classical/progressive rock prowess; they responded with last year's The Resistance, which towed their most symphonic leanings yet, even if it didn't topple America with singles as intensely anthemic as 2003's Absolution. Really, the two Brit bands are more dissimilar than not; both blokes sing in Jeff Buckley falsetto, and both have a psychedelic undertow, but Muse has the unique ability of late to make it...well, rock.


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