Polysics: Devo meets Deerhoof.

Polysics are Japan's Devo. The foursome stands proudly clad in orange jumpsuits and spacey spectacles on the cover of their latest album, Polysics or Die!!! Vista (a re-release from 2005 with some added tracks), further welcoming the comparison. They sound exactly how you'd think a Japanese Devo would, except now they seem to be progressing into Deerhoof territory, mingling quirky post-punk with abstract musicality. On the new album, the group occasionally wanders from this sound for a few disappointing J-pop musings, but always manages to land back on its familiar synth-fueled beats. Visiting Houston on the MySpace Music Tour alongside radio-friendly pop-rockers Say Anything and Hellogoodbye, the group will no doubt gain a wider following with their zany live set — they rarely leave a disappointed fan in the house. Better still, they're out first, so those in the know can leave before having to sit through the evening's lamer bands.

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