Over the past year, a quiet, below-the-radar folk scene has developed at Mojo Risin', a tiny Shepherd coffee shop. Owners Jack and Teresa Mullen seem to have weeded through the usual self-anointed leading lights in the local folk scene and are now succeeding by booking some interesting "no-name" acts like Austin's Porterdavis. These youngsters come at folk music through the rural acoustic blues, and they deliver great harmonies and some nasty harmonica. The name comes from Boston commuter stations Porter Square and Davis Square, where these youngsters cut their performance teeth busking while they were students at Berklee College of Music. Their 2005 release 15 Hours Unraveling unexpectedly went to number ten on the Waterloo Records national sales chart and number two on their Texas chart. The band, which describes itself as "roots, blues and rhythm," has become a hot ticket on the college circuit, and Houston and the Mojo Risin' seem like a perfect mix for these self-effacing blues-infused young folkies. This one will sell out.


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