Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man is arguably one of the hardest-working bands making music. They've released a record every year since 2006, and five EPs between 2005 and 2007. They tour tirelessly, constantly churning out their psychedelic funk grooves for the enjoyment of their dedicated fans. The Portland-via-Alaska band got its start in the summer of 2004 recording demos. Shortly thereafter, they embarked on a tour with Chiodos. They continually evolve, meticulously crafting their diverse yet musically enthralling sound. Placing them in a genre unfairly limits the depth to which a potential new fan will embrace their music. It's easy to call Portugal. The Man a typical psychedelic jam band (partly because their shows are a jam band enthusiast's dream come true), but their music is sonically diverse, ranging from funk grooves to more experimental indie rock. Their extensive touring schedule has helped them establish a fan base unlike any other, almost always guaranteeing their shows will be completely packed with tons of eager music-lovers bent on having a great time. While we all patiently await their next release, their current catalog is strong enough to ensure a show slewed with great tunes.


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