Possible Sponsors For 6 Summer Tours

Possible Sponsors For 6 Summer Tours

Sunday night, resurgent '90s nu-metaleers Korn stop by Verizon Wireless Theater as headliners of the annual Jagermeister Music Tour. Wonder if they've still got the gorilla suit. It seems like more and more artists are following the model of bands like U2, whose recently scratched 360 Tour was "presented by BlackBerry" on its first North American leg last fall. But Rocks Off thinks they can go even further. We paged through local venues' upcoming calendars in this week's print edition of the Press and online, picked a few shows more or less at random, then matched them up with sponsors we'd wager just might be willing to pick up the tab. Neil Young Date/Venue: June 4, Jones Hall Sponsor-In-Waiting: Nike. Bet you thought we were going to say Geritol or Depends, huh? Too easy. Guess we could have gone with a GPS manufacturer because of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, too. But to stay so productive for so long, Rocks Off figures the "Long May You Run" singer has to stay in shape somehow. This also gives us another chance to remind you that we're giving away a pair of Neil tickets next week. Stay tuned.

Erykah Badu Date/Venue: June 13, Verizon Wireless Theater Sponsor-In-Waiting: Twitter. Badu is one of the micro-messaging site's biggest supporters, even tweeting during the birth of her most recent child. Rocks Off wouldn't be at all surprised if she tweets from the stage. Passion Pit, Tokyo Police Club Date/Venue: June 17, Warehouse Live Sponsor-In-Waiting: American Apparel. Duh. Ratt Date/Venue: July 22, Warehouse Live Sponsor-In-Waiting: Aqua Net. 'Cause you can't have hair metal without the hairspray.

Possible Sponsors For 6 Summer Tours

Hole Date/Venue: July 6, House of Blues Sponsor-In-Waiting: TMZ.com. Courtney Love is bound to wind up on the Internet's leading gossip portal at some point during her revived band's tour, so the site might as well foot the bill. Billy Idol Date/Venue: August 25, House of Blues Sponsor-In-Waiting: Proctor & Gamble, makers of Crest toothpaste. You can't have a Whiplash Smile or velvet sneer without practicing proper dental hygiene.

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