Project Grimm, Clouded

The other day we were IMing a fellow music critic on Facebook, and the conversation turned to '90s nostalgia, and when we would start seeing reunion tours from some of the Grunge Decade's old soldiers. In Houston anyway, we only have to wait until Sunday, when two of the most popular bands of the '90s will be back in action at Rudz. Arising from the ashes of The Mike Gunn, Project Grimm battered Houston audiences with its heavy, Sabbath-like riffs for more than a decade and two albums — and then broke up on the exact same day the second, Huge Beings, was released in July 2003. Clouded, meanwhile (featuring sometime Houston Press photographer Jason Wolter), stirred up a buzz for its Pixies-ish noise-pop on Justice Records' Hellhole compilation in 1994 and scored several Houston Press music award nominations, including Album of the Year, for 1997's self-titled album. "Clouded feels your pain, and everyone else's too," we wrote back then. Proceeds from Sunday's show benefit the M.D. Anderson Lymphoma Clinic in memory of Clouded guitarist Aaron Shafer, who passed away in 2000.


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