Q and Not U, with Food For Animals and Manhunter

Q and Not U
Shawn Brackbill

When Q and Not U first appeared on the radar, it seemed that longtime Washington, D.C., label Dischord had finally found its party band. Far too funky to be lumped in with angular prophets like Fugazi and Lungfish, "the Q" was looser, more playful, seemingly less eager to rein itself in. Over time, the band has augmented that looseness with a maturity that makes them the vanguard band on the label. Today, their blend of angular funk with post-punk experimentation has hit new heights on Power, their latest full-length, which is easily one of the grooviest records to come out of D.C. since the days of Go-Go legends Trouble Funk. High expectations, then? Sure, but when in recent memory can anyone remember a Dischord band coming to town and falling flat on their face? I sure can't. Fresh off a tour with Joy Divisionists (and Spin cover boys) Interpol, Q and Not U should prove to be in fine form.

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