Quanell X Postpones Roosevelt Lounge Protest

Quanell X Postpones Roosevelt Lounge Protest
Photo and video by Marco Torres

Sunday afternoon, Rocks Off ventured over to Roosevelt Lounge (5219 Washington) to witness what we expected to be a protest organized by Quanell X, leader of the local chapter of the New Black Panther Party. This event was in direct response to the club's alleged racist door policies that led to the arrests of two Houston Dynamo players on Feb. 4.

X states that the club owner has agreed to sit down with him sometime this week to discuss the incident and hopefully come to some sort of a compromise that will be in the best interest for both sides of the dispute, as well as for the community. He also noted that the initiation of a formal protest of the club will depend on the outcome of this meeting.

Nancy Shaddock, board member of Dynamo Charities, was also on hand to express her disappointment with Roosevelt Lounge and said she hopes to assist in creating a solution to this case.

See the video of the statement below:

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