Quintron & Miss Pussycat

Quintron & Miss Pussycat is what would happen if you put Devo, the Legendary Pink Dots and They Might Be Giants in some kind of cloning experiment that was allowed to inbreed for a couple of centuries. Formed by a modern-day Laurens Hammond and a Christian Puppet Minister (yes, this is a real thing, and Christianity just went up several notches in our estimation because of it), the duo does things to music that we're pretty sure violate at least three physical laws and a handful of magical rules. We've been watching the brain injury that is the music video for "Face Down in the Gutter" from this year's Sucre Du Savage, on a constant loop for days now, and in addition to maybe finally topping Grinderman's "Heathen Child" as the most disturbing video we've ever seen, it may also be the worst case of puppet abuse since we watched Sad Kermit suck off Rowlf the Dog for heroin. Needless to say, we love it.


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