R. Kelly's Artistic Process

Most likely by now you have fully absorbed Double Up, the latest chart-topping treatise from crazed/brilliant R&B lothario R. Kelly. Which means that, despite the current attention lavished on lead single "I'm a Flirt," you have discovered the record's true emotional core: the slo-jam ballad "Sex Planet."

"Sex Planet" is not a metaphor. It describes, in some detail, the act of coitus. In space. With R. Kelly. Some have grumbled that the images, references and rhymes that comprise "Sex Planet" (most notably the pairing of painless and Uranus) are a bit childish and obvious. To them we say: To be so base and silly requires dedication and real skill.

To help shed light on R. Kelly's misunderstood creative process, below we offer a page literally ripped from his sketchbook, in which he muses, doodles and gradually forms the central artistic tenets of "Sex Planet." If this also involves drawing pictures of Chewbacca in a compromising position, so be it. He is an artist, and artists do what they must.


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