Radar Eyes: Digging Ditchwater and More

[Radar Eyes is a new recurring feature, peering at the underground from the unique mind of Indian Jewelry/Future Blondes shredder Domokos Benczedi. Proceed at your own risk... just kidding. Enjoy.]

Our Focus = Underground/ Unreleased/ Underexposed/ Misunderstood/ Unappreciated/ Etc., etc.

I am Chemical Mange.

First of all: R.I.P. Ron Asheton.

Second of all: Fuck.

RADAR EYES NO. 1: Rosa Guerrero, Ditchwater Corp.

Radar Eyes: Digging Ditchwater and More

Radar Eyes: State your name and purpose!

Rosa Guerrero: Haha, good question!

RE: Purpose?

RG: To share good rock and roll music with the peoples of Houston.

RE: And how do you do this?

RG: Multi-media blitzkrieg! I publish a photography zine called Ditchwater, which documents Houston's seamier music scenes. It's an old fashioned photocopied affair - I do B&W analog photography, so it lends itself well to that. And I am 1/3 of "Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour" on KTRU, the longest-running punk radio show in town.

And because I'm fond of putting holes in my head, I just started Ditchwater Records, which is a lonely-hearts singles club. Oh, and sometimes I organize and promote live shows.

Radar Eyes: Digging Ditchwater and More

RE: Oh! You're one of those people! A superhero! For the people/ of the people! I dunno where to start... how about your radio show? When and where can people tune in?

RG: Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on 91.7 FM. Young Burton is on at 10, Scott Butt at 11 and I lull listeners to sleep starting at midnight

RE: I would disagree! You keep them awake with the best rock and roll radio on the airwaves!

RG: It's fun! We play a pretty broad variety of punk and garage. I play lots of '60s punk and '70s rock and roll, and a big heaping spoonful of local stuffs.

RG: I released The Born Liars single called "Don't Tell Me I Know" b/w "I Don't Know Why." I caught a lot of flack for forgetting the "b/w" on the cover. So it reads "Don't Tell Me I Know I Don't Know Why." Getting details right is hard.

RE: Haha! That's almost better than w/ the b/w included, in my opinion!

RG: I should have my second record in the mail when I get home. It's a 12-song EP by local hardcore/rocknrollers Gay Marriage.

RE: Details often fall between the cracks in our illustrious world of music loving - yes...

RG: I got a couple of others in the can: Dead Roses and Matt Mayo.

RE: Beautiful!

RG: And a split between The Wrong Ones and Backalley Sluts. Study hard, kids!

RE: Does Ditchwater have a Web site? Where can we find these wonderful items?

RG: But of course! Hello, MySpace! And I have a photography blog. But it's about the process, so it's the most boringest photography blog in the world.

RE: You've been taking photos of local and touring bands here in Houston, which you print in Xerox form... am I correct?

RG: Yessir. Ditchwater Zine. I've done two issues and I'm working on the third. Right now!

RE: Where is this available? Am I in it?

RG: Haha... No joke. The photo of you onstage of Notsuoh in issue No. 1 is one of my favorite ever.

RE: Aww... Seems like years ago...

RG: 2006. that's when i started shooting.

RE: Where do you go to shoot?

RG: Well I always try and have a camera on me. So I shoot shows that I would want to be at anyways. So Rudyards, Notsuoh, the White Swan, the Mink, wherever I hear the din of rock and roll! But I shoot daily life too. Street photography, I guess some people refer to it as.

RE: And then you make Xerox magazines of your photos for the citizens of the world to enjoy?

RG: Yup. That's the end goal of my photography. I like the format. I put a lot of thought into sequence, grouping, captions and so forth.

RE: Excellent... Where can I find Ditchwater Zine?

RG: They're all sold out right now. Oh wait! There might be a couple available at Death Exclamations mail order. The new one will be available there and at Sound Exchange.

RE: Great! So where will we see you out next?

RG: PLF, Dissent, and El Desmadre are playing Saturday at White Swan. There's a lineup that has my name written all over it!

RE: Have any next words until our next exchange?

RG: I'm blinking. I mean blanking.

RE: Rosa can be found where rock n' roll lives.

Ditchwater Records can be purchased at Sound Exchange, 1846 Richmond. The most recent Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour playlist.

Now Listening: Muslimgauze, "'Santraffikar" (12:24)

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Please send us things. - Domokos Benczedi


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