Most people on this side of the world only know Rammstein for their late-'90s fluke MTV hit "Du Hast," but they are much more than that monstrously catchy, secretly emo anthem. Rammstein have sold more than 15 million albums worldwide, and are by far one of the biggest gateway bands for budding goth and industrial kids alike. Their live sets are notorious for massive amounts of fire, musclebound men chanting, apocalyptic light displays, pounding volume and copious leather. You know, all the best stuff about a rock show. It's safe to say that Toyota Center hasn't seen anything this dark and decadent in some time, and hell, it hosts Cirque du Soleil every few months. Rammstein, active since 1994, flout conventional social mores in their native Germany, even to the point of government censorship for their use of nudity and sadomasochistic imagery.

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Toyota Center

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