In 1994, Rancid and Green Day were the instigators of a mainstream punk-rock revival that has persisted ever since. Echoing the spawn of the Clash and the Buzzcocks 20 years prior, the two groups rose to prominence by infusing their bratty and rebellious anthems with irrefutable hooks. Whereas Green Day, some might say, has become a bloated caricature of its former self, Rancid remains pretty much the same band it was 15 years ago. The Southern California group's new album, Let the Dominoes Fall, finds Tim Armstrong and his boys rekindling the giddy ska-punk and two-minute shout-alongs of their classic albums Rancid and Let's Go. Longtime fans will likely be beaming with prideful allegiance as Rancid sets the stage for poli-punk kings Rise Against.

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