Rap's Top Ten Lyrical Blunders

Rap's Top Ten Lyrical Blunders

Most rap boasts revolve around three things: cash, chicks and anus - as it turns out, rappers love to brag about their ass a lot. But after years of bragging about the same three things, redundancy blurs the line between braggart and ridiculous. Even the best of the best MCs have succumbed to lyrical faux pas at some point. Here are 10 lyrical gaffes your favorite rappers wish they could take back.

10. Kanye West, "Gettin' It In"

"Don't try to treat me like I ain't famous/ My apologies, are you into astrology, cause I'm, I'm tryin to make it to Uranus"

Kanye got sidetracked by his desire to reach Uranus and bungled his rhyme like an anus.

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9. Master P, "Do You Know"

"If you don't bring back my muthafuckin money or my muthafuckin dope/ You can forget about Christmas nigga, cause you ain't gon even see New Year's."

Master P must have bumped his head against one of those No Limit tanks on his way to the studio:

8. Foxy Brown, "Affirmative Action"

"Thirty-two grams raw, chop it in half, get sixteen, double it times three/ We got forty-eight, which mean a whole lot of cream/ Divide the profit by four, subtract it by eight, we back to sixteen."

Foxy can't keep her numbers straight when breaking down the street math on this Nas song.

Rap's Top Ten Lyrical Blunders

7. J-Kwon, "Show Your Ass"

"I like the way ya ass move to the beat/ You a freak, that's something you can be"

Wait, is she already a freak or is that something she can be?

Rap's Top Ten Lyrical Blunders

6. Sticky Fingers on Onyx's "Live Niguz"

"Niggas get shot daily, everyday"

And Sticky won't let up till he kills them dead:

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