Ray Price

Ray Price began his musical career in 1949, years upon years before some of the titans of the mainstream country charts you hear today were even glints in their parents' eyes. Hell, maybe even their grandparents' eyes. At the age of 85, the man has outlasted almost everyone from his earliest days, touring nonstop, and he now sits in the pantheon of the genre as a survivor, and a testament to the power of a well-crafted radio ballad. His live shows come complete with cuts like "Crazy Arms," "City Lights" and "Make the World Go Away," all of which he recorded the first versions of, before they became part of most every standards set. Seeing Price is like seeing a traveling Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit — he was inducted in 1996 — on loan from the Nashville museum as a sort of living and breathing history lesson. This is a man who lived with Hank Williams Sr. for a brief period in his early gigging and recording days. At his age, it's silly to pass up seeing him at least once, plus this is his birthday show.


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