Reports: Scarface Released From Jail

Ed. Note: Scarface was actually released from the Harris County Jail, where he had been transferred from Montgomery County last month.

Reports: Scarface Released From Jail

"The Twitter" is starting to hum with reports like the one above, saying legendary Houston rapper Scarface has been released from the Harris County Jail, where the former Geto Boy had been serving time for failure to pay child support in several cases, including one in Missouri. He had managed to keep his incarceration secret for several months until word finally leaked out in February, when he was in the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe. quotes a Scarface "representative" as saying the rapper has wasted no time getting back to work: "Face is home and he's already busy working on releasing new material. It's not going to take him long to fall right back into the swing of things."

Rocks Off will update with more information should it become available.

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