Reverberations: Monocles, Focusyn, Dizzy Pilot, Black Black Gold, Misfires, Picture Book and Neptones

No need to wait until the weekend this time around. There are plenty of good local gigs right in the middle of the week:

The Monocles bring their sublime garage-punk – and a brand new 7" – to the Mink tonight. Also on the bill are locals Focusyn and Dizzy Pilot, who put on one of the most energetic live shows in town and feature member of Southern Bellugosi, Drill Box Ignition and Motion Turns It On. They released their latest E.P, Shit Out the Bones, last year.

Two choices for Thursday: Texas garage killers Black Black Gold take over the Continental once Beatle leaves the stage. If you’re looking for something a bit less primal, head to Rudyard’s for more local action with the Misfires, rock ‘n’ roll cover band Picture Book and the Neptones. -- Chris Henderson


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