Andy Whitten and Evan Davies make up one-half of Moxie.
Andy Whitten and Evan Davies make up one-half of Moxie.


Moxie, a rock quartet of Rice University students, has just put out their first studio work, an EP called Fight the Monochrome. Made up of Evan Davies on guitar, piano and vocals, Jordan Myska Allen on guitar and vocals, Aaron Taffet on bass and vocals and Andy Whitten on drums, Moxie won the Rice University Battle of the Bands last December in their first-ever live performance. Encouraged by that success, the group started performing at campus events and eventually went into the studio to record Fight the Monochrome. Now the group is taking a break from performing while Allen and Taffet spend a semester studying in Spain. Davis and Whitten, however, are on publicity rounds, and they stopped by the Houston Press offices for a chat.

Houston Press: Where can people find you online?

Evan Davies: At



HP: What are you studying at Rice?

Davies: Electrical engineering.

Andy Whitten: Economics and civil engineering.

HP: How many girls did you pick up with the line, "Hi, I'm a musician?"

Whitten: (to Davies) Was I dating Megan before Moxie?

Davies: No.

Whitten: Okay, so one.

HP: If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

Davies: Will Ferrell.

HP: Who is the most important person in your life?

Whitten: I would have to say either my sister or my girlfriend.

HP: Okay, you know the "sister or the girlfriend" thing is kind of creepy, right? You really should have different feelings for them.

Whitten: No, not like that. It's just that my sister and I are really close, and we've been good friends for a long time.

HP: If you were a superhero, what superpower would you want?

Whitten: Perfect pitch.

HP: That's not very superhero-ish.

Whitten: Yeah, but I'd really like perfect pitch.

HP: Foosball or football?

Whitten: Foosball, definitely.

Davies: Football, but not the American kind.

HP: Who would you rather marry, RuPaul or Nancy Reagan?

Whitten: (whispers to Davies) Who's RuPaul?

Davies: (whispers to Whitten) I think he's a radio guy.

HP: RuPaul is a 6'5" drag queen, and he's really, really beautiful.

Davies: Oh. (pause). Age before beauty, so Nancy.

Whitten: RuPaul.

HP: Hold on, I have to go get a camera. (reporter leaves the room)

Whitten: (whispers) The tape recorder's still on.

Davies: (whispers) I think this is a test to see if we'll say something ridiculous while she's out of the room. Shhh! (Unintelligible mumbles)

HP: (Reporter enters room) Okay, before we take some pictures, is there anything you want to say to Houston music fans?

(Long pause)

HP: Anything?

Davies: Let's do one word each.

Whitten: Okay. The.

Davies: Fans.

Whitten: Ought.

Davies: To know.

Whitten: That.

Davies: We.

Whitten: Are.

Davies: Really.

Whitten: Passionate.

Davies: About.

Whitten: Music.

Whitten: And.

Davies: We.

Whitten: Would.

Davies: Like.

Whitten: To.

Davies: Show.

Whitten: Everyone.

Davies: How.

Whitten: Fun.

Davies: We.

Whitten: Can.

Davies: Be. To...Watch on stage.


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