Rivers, The Dead Revolt

Houston blues-metal trio Rivers reminds us of Mudhoney and Blue Cheer, with an extra dose of Mark Arm's nihilism and just a dash of The Cult's mysticism. We only caught wind of these boys a month or so ago, so we're a tad late to the party, but that doesn't mean you have to be. Their first set of seven songs, self-released and distributed (we got a burned disc), will smoke out your car like Willie Nelson on the way to Whataburger. The band is headlining the Mink with the like-minded Dead Revolt's "howling lizard-free indie-rock" on Christmas Eve Eve, so if you have a friend coming home from college who has been listening to deadmau5 in their dorm all semester, bring 'em on down to the Backroom to set them straight.


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