RJD2: A Day In The Life Of A Minotaur

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RJD2: A Day In The Life Of A Minotaur

Your daily VJ's favorite mythical creature is without a doubt the Minotaur. Born from a bestial boinking, the half-man, half-bull resided in a labyrinth on the isle of Crete where his grandfather the king sent him other city's children to eat until Theseus curb-stomped his ass and won a princess, or a golden shoe, or something.

By contrast, RJD2 was born in Eugene, Ore., and became a famous DJ and singer.

Today's video comes straight from RJD2's turntable and is called "Let There Be Horns," from this year's Colossus. In it, a minotaur struggles with his everyday cubicle job, barely getting through with the help of a Xanax prescription and an office crush. Guess what happens when he tries to impress her by going to buy her a gift of fine chine. Go on, just you guess.


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