Rob Zombie Makes Detergent Commercials Now (We Approve)

Rocks Off got this video in a press release just minutes ago, Rob Zombie's debut as director of Woolite commercials. Yes, Woolite. The detergent. The thing you use to make your clothes not stank and to look whiter. And we approve of the direction that the '90s shock-maven and '00s filmmaker is taking the art of detergent commercials.

Titled "Torturer," it has Zombie's standard visual stamp on it. The jump cuts, the washed-out color, the spooky lumbering creature. tank tops. We're Tide men ourselves, Purex when it's on sale, but we may pick up a bottle of Woolite next time we are out shopping for domestic things.

Now if only we had lighter colored clothes that needed to be whitened. Black shirts and pearl snaps sorta take care of themselves.

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