Robert Earl Keen

Okay, so Robert Earl Keen doesn't make the kinds of records that fly off the shelves like he used to. Maybe that's an unreal expectation for a guy who broke onto the scene with such brilliance and sly Texan flair. He had a 13-year period there when he could do no wrong, producing a string of albums that ensure his legacy for now and always: No Kinda Dancer (1984), West Textures (1987), A Bigger Piece of the Sky (1993) and then the monumental Gringo Honeymoon (1994), Picnic (1997) and Walking Distance (1998). It's been ten years since his last great record, 2001's Gravitational Forces, but be that as it may, Keen has always been a solid performer with a band of monster players who can pick you up, spin you around and drop you in the next county like a tornado. And make no mistake, Keen is a total pro picker, too, and still knows his way around a set list. This should be a smoking show that appeals to old fans and newbies alike.


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