Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: Puppet Wing

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Ladies and gentlemen, Rocks Off is pleased as rum punch to announce that The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has (not) added an official puppet wing to that fine institution. What's even better, they have (not) given us the opportunity to nominate some of the finest felt fender fingerers for the wing.

Here, in order of preference, are our five nominations for best puppet band.

5. They Might Be Giants

The two Johns have blazed many trails in their years, and one of their part-time contributions to music is the use of puppets. TMBG started working with Matt Chapman and his brother, the creators of Homestar Runner, on several puppet segments in 2004. Since then they, have occasionally utilized hand puppets for other projects, most notably a cover of "Long Grift" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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4. Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem is without a doubt the most prolific puppet band in the world, having been featured in Muppet features of all kinds. According to the Robot Chicken Institute of Things That Happened, the band split up after saxophone player Zoot was arrested in Japan for drug possession and drummer Animal had to be put to sleep for attacking Ed McMahon on Star Search.

If you're wondering why such an iconic band ranks so low on the list, it's because they backed Miley Cyrus on a television special. Forgiveness is the province of God, not Rocks Off.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: Puppet Wing

3. The Yo-Dazzlers

Although puppet purists argue about whether or not the Yo-Dazzlers count as traditional puppets - being men in suits rather than socks being fisted, the four-piece rock act is currently one of the top puppet performers still active. They serve as the house band on Yo Gabba Gabba, and have performed with legends like Paul Williams, who is secretly involved with just about everyone on this list.

Occasionally, they have to share the stage with the regular cast's vanity project band, of which Cyclops guitarist Muno is the only real talent, but whenever The Yo-Dazzlers are allowed the spotlight they blow the regular crew off the stage. It's entirely possible that we're taking the music scene on Nick Jr. a bit too seriously.

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