Rocks Off Has Officially Reached ACL Fest

Rocks Off Has Officially Reached ACL Fest
Craig Hlavaty

Well, we were afraid of this. While Rocks Off Sr. remains at Mission Control here in Houston (appropriate, don't you think?), Craig Hlavaty and Brittanie Shey have sallied forth to the Live Music Capital of Travis County to cover this year's Austin City Limits music festival in Zilker Park. We sort of envy them...not.

We now have definitive evidence that Team Rocks Off has breached the Zilker perimeter; namely the picture of former Houston Mayor Bill White's bizarre campaign paraphernalia above. White himself remains an ACL no-show - for now.

From here on out, Rocks Off will be bringing you regular updates from ACL the rest of this afternoon, as well as tomorrow, Sunday and a complete wrap on Monday. Also, please do us a favor and keep an eye on our Twitter feed at @hporocksoff. We're hoping a little extra peer pressure might help Craig stay out of trouble.

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