Rocks Off, Press Seeking Music Writers

Rocks Off, Press Seeking Music Writers

Do you like to talk about music? Sometimes when there's no one else around? Are you comfortable using the words "coruscating," "plangent," "seminal" and "self-indulgent," preferably all four, in a sentence? Do you like getting in to shows for free?

If so, there might be a place for you in between the sheets... sorry, I mean at the paper. (Been listening to entirely too much Let It Bleed lately.) Rocks Off is looking to expand our contributors pool for both the print edition and the Web site you're reading right now (and thanks, by the way). I'm especially looking for people well-versed in metal, experimental/noise and Latin music. If this might be you or someone you know, please send a couple of writing samples to

Nothing longer than 1,000 words, and no phone calls please. - Chris Gray

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