Rocks Off's Ultra-Hip Rodeo Concert Guide: John Legend

Rocks Off's Ultra-Hip Rodeo Concert Guide: John Legend

Date: March 2

Name: John Legend

AKA: "Smoove J"*

Genre: Music to take your pants off to

Upcoming Events

* Fine, we made that up.

Best Known Song(s): "Save Room," "Ordinary People," various collaborations with Kanye and Hoots the Owl.

Key Demographic: Lovers of loving love

Previous HLSR Appearances: 2008

Houston Connections, If Any: Patronized the Hat Store on his last Rodeo visit.

If You Like This, Chances Are You'll Like: Long walks on the beach, Dr. Zhivago, and enjoying the company of that special lady.

Odds of Wearing a Hat: 50 percent

Because He/She's Bald? He sported one during his last HLSR appearance, but maybe he's "evolved" past them.

Odds of Onstage Injury: Doubtful, barring accidentally slamming his fingers in piano.

Odds of Rocks Off Making Cheap Jokes About Him: We admit, we're a JL fan. Don't worry, we'll be back to the smart-assery next week.

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