Roger Waters

For a very brief moment on July 2, 2005, there at the Live 8 concert in London, it seemed that a miracle was unfolding — and it had nothing to do with reducing Third World debt or the Assumption of Bono into Heaven. The four famously squabbling members of Pink Floyd finally set aside their differences to perform a stunning six-song set, the first time the men had shared a stage in close to a ­quarter-century. And at the end they stood together, arms around each other, no one with a bigger grin than vocalist/bassist Waters. Could a real reunion tour be imminent? Was it time to get the giant flying pig out of the mothballs at last?

Sadly, no. Despite incredible worldwide interest, Waters and guitarist/vocalist David Gilmour resumed their sniping in the press. And though Waters seemed the more amenable, once he told Rolling Stone, "I didn't mind rolling over for one day, but I couldn't roll over for a whole fucking tour," it was time to check the schedule for The Australian Pink Floyd Show instead.

But here's the next best thing — a show where Waters plays the first half mixing Floyd classics and tunes from his high-concept solo efforts (The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, Radio K.A.O.S.) and a second half performing your No. 1 stoner classic Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety, all amid lush lasers, visuals and a monster sound system. He might also sneak in a bit from his recent opera Ça Ira or something from his in-the-works solo record. When pigs fly, indeed...


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