Rory Miggins Irish Stew Cook-off

Elsewhere on this page, you can read about Flogging Molly's local stop on the Celtic Californians' annual "Green 17" tour. With all due respect to Dave King's crew, Houston seldom lacks for stout Irish rock thanks to Blaggards, and the annual Rory Miggins Irish Stew Cook-off — named for the late owner of beloved Washington Avenue icehouse Local Charm and proud Irish-American — always finds the foursome at their heartiest. Steering in a slightly less punk direction than Molly, Blaggards salt their musical corned beef with Texas twang and AC/DC attitude, and recently welcomed Nashville transplant Brandi Belle Clarke into the fiddler's seat. Besides hosting the outdoor festivities, also featuring Texas City Americana mash-uppers Come See My Dead Person, sock-hop shaman the Allen Oldies Band and blues cats the Leo Trio this year, Blaggards headline the late-night Continental show for latecomers and/or those who aren't felled by Guinness during the course of the afternoon. Bring an appetite to sample the wares of the two dozen or so cookoff contestants.


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