Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys

A rare female in a testosterone-laden genre, accordionist-singer Rosie Ledet has carved out a niche as "zydeco's sweetheart." A native of Church Point, a tiny Louisiana town near Eunice, the Creole beauty with the caf au lait skin fronts a family band that includes husband Morris Ledet (whom she met at a Boozoo Chavis show) on bass, father-in-law Lanice Ledet on rubboard and nephew Lukey Ledet on drums. Rosie's husky voice delivers lyrics that are often, as they say on the bayou, double entendres; stuff like "Don't let your dog / follow me home / 'cause I got a place / where he can bury his bone." And she does so in both English and Creole French.

Though Ledet's national touring schedule takes her to far-flung shows in places like Maryland and North Dakota, this show is as authentic a zydeco experience as you could hope for: as the entertainment for a trail ride in Raywood, a tiny rice-growing town in Liberty County and a hotbed of Texas Creole culture.


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