Rudyard's 31st Anniversary

Now and forever "Montrose's Living Room," Rudyard's has been serving up beer, bands and burgers to Houston's bohemian set longer than a lot of people who inhabit the cozy pub night after night these days have been alive. If your friends aren't already there, smoking on the patio or watching the Astros while sipping Fireman No. 4 at the bar, you can probably read about what they've been up to lately in the bathrooms. Or they might just be upstairs, where the White Stripes and Decemberists once played and a steady succession of ear-burning local and regional artists still do. This year, Rudyard's anniversary honors fall to recent HPMA winners Spain Colored Orange, who unveiled a ­planetarium-worthy laser show at the Continental Club a couple of weeks ago. There probably won't be room for that rig Sunday, but SCO's lush, moody psych-pop may have you seeing tracers all the same. Joining them is Something Fierce, the "Hey Houston!" trio who hauled its scalpel-sharp Buzzcocks riffage on a cross-country tour earlier this year and was rewarded with a deal with Portland A-list garage label Dirtnap Records.


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