Runaway Sun

There's no better time for a road trip than early summer, and there just happens to be a car on the cover of Runaway Sun's Let's Run. That makes sense: The Houston four-piece's second album and first in three years is a bit of a musical travelogue itself, the adventures of a confident and charismatic blues-rock band exploring its sound, testing its limits a little but usually remaining radio-friendly. Good Houstonians that they are, Runaway Sun do love them some ZZ Top, like the fuzzy riff that opens the album with "Let's Run" and boogies through several other songs like "Lily" and "Push." But Let's Run also has a strong undercurrent of '90s rock, whether taking Dave Matthews Band south of the border on "So Close" or riff-surfing like Pearl Jam on "Summon the Rain." Singer Andrew Karnavas is no howler, but his brooding, crooning style especially suits him on noirish ballads like "Now That I've Found You." Daniel de Luna, meanwhile, is a better than average guitarist throughout Let's Run, and on the fingerboard-stinging solo that closes "Now That I've Found You" (and the album), much better than average.


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