Russian Spring Festival

Lovers of bliny — those toasty Russian pancakes served with sour cream and caviar — should be in carbohydrate heaven when the Russian Cultural Center of Texas celebrates Maslenitsa, the Russian festival of spring. Dating back to pagan times, the festival signals the end of the long Russian winter, and the bliny serve as symbols for the arrival of the warming sun. And let's face it — those Russians just like a good excuse to party hard. The Cultural Center also promises lots of vodka and pickled herring to complete the gastronomical package, while Austin's Flying Balalaika Brothers — all former members of the popular Russian ensemble Limpopo — will provide music ranging from traditional Russian folk to good ol' American bluegrass, country and rock. Not only do these guys bring it musically, their visual presentation is not to be missed. And if they get their vodka/pancake mixture just right, look out — this celebration of spring's arrival could get downright pagan.


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