Saves the Day

Awhole generation of indie-rockers grew up on Princeton, New Jersey's Saves The Day, as the power-pop/emo/punk band helped soundtrack the lives of the bespectacled and tight-panted hordes since 1999's Through Being Cool. The band's lone constant member has been lead singer and guitarist Chris Conley, whose high warble helped make Saves the Day's 2001 album Stay What You Are a staple on turntables and stereos in the midst of emo's early 21st-century great awakening, and singles like "At Your Funeral" exposed the band to the MTV crowd. Since those heady days, there have been label changes, a one-album move to the majors for 2003's In Reverie, plenty of lineup moves and a flirtation with shades of grunge. This year's Daybreak is a return to the straight-ahead pop-punk of the early days, though Conley's voice seems to have been given a shot of helium that distracts from some of the album's more interesting tones.


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