Saving Country Music Rides to Rocks Off's Aid

This has been a fun week down in the Rocks Off foxhole, as Toby Keith's loyal minions have besieged us with comments taking issue with our review of the Big Dog Daddy's lackluster RodeoHouston performance Wednesday. (Come on, guys, we did say the guitar work on "Stranglehold" was pretty badass.) They even enlisted the flacks at CMT to help assail our defenses.

Now, like the cavalry in some John Ford Western Keith probably wishes he could remake, the Saving Country Music blog has come to our aid. "Luckily, the forces of REAL country music have found an ally down there in the form of the Houston Press," SCM posted today. Be sure to check out their "It Hurts When I Pee" podcast while you're there, too.

Likewise, guys. Rocks Off is pretty sure y'all dig Jamey Johnson as much as we do. And we laughed at your "atomic mullet" and "ear vomit" cracks as hard as you did over our review. Together we shall continue to resist the dark armies of limp-wristed pop-country and faux Southern rock. This we swear on our stack of Hank Williams III and David Allan Coe CDs.


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