Scale the Summit

Scale the Summit is well on its way to becoming the second instrumental prog-rock band from Texas to really take off. Much like Austin's Explosions in the Sky, which earned the ears of countless fans and critics on the Friday Night Lights soundtrack, this Houston-based four-piece has received acclaim from almost everyone who has taken the time to listen to their tunes, including critics at Revolver, Guitar World and the Houston Chronicle. The band also has toured with Dream Theater, from whom it draws much of its influence. Scale the Summit formed in 2004, self-released its debut album Monument in 2007 and was subsequently signed to Prosthetic Records. Since then, it has released two more albums, including last year's The Collective. Originally, the band wasn't supposed to be an instrumental-only project, but by the time guitarists Chris Letchford and Travis Levrier found a bass player and a drummer, the music they had been writing sounded like it was complete, so they kept it that way.


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