Scissor Sisters

If you shook the Rolling Stones' disco period, namely Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You, in a glittery blender with the sleaziest Prince jams you could find and sprinkled some Bravo Network on top for garnish, you would get the mightily fab and ridiculously catchy Scissor Sisters. After spending most of the early 21st century playing the NYC gay club circuit, the outfit led by vocalists Jake Shears and Ana Matronic came on the scene in 2004 with their debut eponymous album. The lead-off single "Take Your Mama" was that year's best and most human coming-out anthem about taking your mother on a gay-bar binge, and their cover of Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" became an instant live favorite. The Sisters received almost universal pop acclaim, getting nods from the likes of Elton John and Bono for their hooky sensibility and decadent synths. Their newest album, 2010's Night Work, features appropriately (and literally) cheeky cover art to match the collection of club-ready disco-rockers inside.


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