Scott H. Biram

There's nothing pretty about the music of Austin's Scott H. Biram, with his raspy howl and gutbucket guitar picking dominating the air, but it sure cures what ails ya. Since his debut album, 2000's This Is Kingsbury?, Biram has been spinning whiskey-soaked tales of woe for a devoted following of his likewise damaged brethren. A car accident in 2003 didn't sideline the blues-stomping monster one bit — he even recorded an album while laid up in his rehab bed. This past May brought his latest, Something's Wrong/Lost Forever, a chillingly beautiful album that sees Biram trying out a new Dylan-like wheeze on some of the album's more honky-fied cuts like the electric wobble of "Wildside," and even getting down Billy Joe Shaver-style on "Sinkin' Down."


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