Scott Stapp

In 20 years, when classic-rock radio succumbs to the whims of grown Gen Y-ers looking for something to listen to for the rush-hour drive home, Creed and lead singer Scott Stapp will no doubt be leading the charge. They will be hailed as party music, and not the embarrassing, music-snob-killing scourge they are now. Girls just being born this week will be singing a drunken karaoke "Higher" during their 21st-birthday parties, the same way you may hear Journey and Foreigner today. For now, Creed is seen as a universal blight by the same people who won't admit the first album they bought was 1997's My Own Prison. Expect to hear stripped-down versions of some of the band's most bombastic arena anthems, plus a handful of Stapp's own solo works during his acoustic set at House of Blues. We are interested to see if he takes off his shirt even during a subdued unplugged night.


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