Scratch Acid

Before they help headline next year's All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, curated in part by Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum, Austin's own Scratch Acid will be playing some warm-up dates around the country. Houston sees the band on Friday in their first show here since their mid-'80s heyday, and disbandment in 1987. After the split, Scratch Acid lead singer David Yow and band-mate David Wm. Sims would form the heavily praised Jesus Lizard in 1989, once Sims left Steve Albini's notorious Rapeman project. Scratch Acid helped form the link between early '80s hardcore and what would become mainstream by the '90s with their brand of noise-punk, softening the aural blow — but not getting to partake in the spoils — of what would come next out of places like Seattle. They also proved that the Northwest wasn't the only region to breed influential groups, becoming one of the most name-dropped bands to come out of Austin by the grunge era. Obviously the best place to start when it comes to Scratch Acid is 1991's The Greatest Gift, which culls all of their recorded work into a one-stop disc. Numerous live chestnuts are of course available on YouTube if you want to get a taste of the band's show at their turgid live height.


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