Sean Reefer and the Resin Valley Boys, with Zombilly

If you think Country Legends 97.1 is a misnomer because they don't play any Webb Pierce or Lefty Frizzell, this show and this band are for you. A local honky-tonk supergroup of sorts, the band is led by Sean Raiford, who sings here (and sounds a lot like Hank Senior) but bangs the traps behind John Evans. Two Hank III vets -- steel guitarist Dan Johnson, who also played with Moses Guest, and fiddler Jason Ellsworth, who had a stint in the Clay Farmer Band -- interweave twang and lilt over the slap-happy upright bass of Shawn Supra, who recently backed Wayne Hancock.

With names like that in their backgrounds, you'd expect these guys to keep it as country as a membership in the Piggly Wiggly price club, and that's exactly what you get. Were it not for all the songs about weed on their demo, the Resin Valley Boys sound as if they dropped out of a time warp from 1949, and unlike Austin's similarly drummerless Weary Boys, a band that mines the same era, these guys have completely mastered their instruments.

Cut and Shoot-based psycho-surf-punk band Zombilly opens, and yes, they say they're really from Cut and Shoot. But then the band members also claim to be named Johnny Haunted, Ivan Dead, Danny Casket and Willie Killigan, so we don't know if they mean it. At any rate, the band's a fit for the scariest time of the year; maybe that's why they have another gig this week (October 29 at Fitzgerald's).


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