Second Lovers, The Wheel Workers

If there's anything approaching a "scene" in Houston at the moment, it's the sincere yet fun-loving cluster of folk-rock/Americana groups spurred by Buxton and Folk Family Revival and (already!) reaching a second generation. Two of those latest young lions happen to be playing Fitz Friday night, so we'll just go ahead and call that a "scene." Despite forming less than a year ago, Second Lovers already sound like seasoned pros on their debut album, Wishers, Dreamers & Liars, taking their musical cues from Bob Dylan, lovelorn advice from Ryan Adams and a brave violin from some old Waterboys records (thinking of Fisherman's Blues specifically here). Another relatively recent mixed-gender local crew, The Wheel Workers mix in a little bit more indie-rock jangle but are still plenty melodic on freshly minted new vinyl single "Right Way to Go" — another debut, if we're not mistaken. To give you an idea of how the rootsy balance of power around Texas may have shifted, the two Austin groups on Friday's bill are opening.


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