She Wants Revenge

When She Wants Revenge first shimmied out of the San Fernando Valley with their detached, almost android new-wave tales of highly charged late-night lust, it was hard to believe that half of the duo, front man Justin Warfield, once had a trippy hip-hop hit (1991's "Season of the Vic") and sang for the decidedly dancey Bomb the Bass. Their sophomore album, 2007's This Is Forever, was a listless parody of their quite wonderful Joy Division/Sisters of Mercy-indebted debut, released just the previous year, and the band subsequently parted company with their major label. Lately, apparently freed from stylistic expectations, their dance roots are delightfully re-emerging. Tracks like "All Wound Up," while still achingly '80s, hint at squelchy, synthy fun on just-released third album Valleyheart.


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