Sian Alice Group

59.59, the debut from England's Sian Alice Group, is a bit of a trap. When front woman Sian Ahern's lilting, beguiling voice is paired with the band's orchestrally captivating ebb and flow, it's easy to inadvertently turn off the part of your brain that actively engages with sound, to lose yourself. No sooner does this happen, though, than Ahern and multi-instrumentalists Ben Crook and Rupert Clervaux opt to charge into a Throwing Muses-inspired guitar-grinder or a tribal, rhythmic beat-down before veering, moments later, back to the down-feather-soft stuff. Skip this show and you'll kick yourself for years; remember, the rising cost of fuel equals less touring, especially for underground-level bands who have to cross oceans to rock our bars and stadiums. So: Support your interconnected indie international scene and prepare to be stunned.


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