Sideshow Tramps

Sideshow Tramps have been sneaking off to the Ozarks.
Jon Powers

Nearing completion of their long-awaited second album, Montrose musical collective Sideshow Tramps have been getting out of town at least one week per month lately, honing their chops at out-of-the-way stops across the Ozarks. And indeed, the band's breakneck hillbilly thrash seems designed for snaggle-toothed backwoods folk who have strong feelings for some of their farm animals, music ideally suited for a remake of Deliverance. But underneath the bib-overalls, farm-boy shtick lie some distinctly urban themes. Lyrics, schmyrics, though. Most people come to the Tramps for their homemade instruments — a cigar-box guitar, single-string washtub bass, a saw — played at warp speed with barnyard harmonies that sound like they belong in the coal-mine hollers of the Appalachians, not downtown in the midst of the nation's fourth-largest city.

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